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Bitcoin [BTC] is rising, what are the current market sentiments?

It seems like the long-bear winter has finally come to an end. With Bitcoin [BTC] rising above its resistance levels and gaining billions in its market cap under hours. Today [2nd April ‘19] Bitcoin started its day with $4160, and by 10 AM IST BTC gained a hike of $700 in an hour. The king of cryptocurrencies skipped its resistance

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Ethereum’s lesser-known protocols: Sharding, Whisper wire and Light Client

Technologies advance, connect, integrate and develop on the basis of the rules set, these basic principles that are followed by the system are called ‘Protocols’. Ethereum ~ the first of the modified versions of Nakamoto’s consensus for blockchain has been running successfully through its Protocols. The invention of Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum has built a humongous platform for the development of

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The Intelligent Investor: Cryptocurrency version

As of late, I pondered how the cryptocurrency market runs, and how the traders drive the market. I contrasted it with the outlook of traders in the stock/securities market and acknowledged its differences, nevertheless, the main distinction is that individuals in the traditional market trust in the development of the company while we assemble to trust in the code, the

7 MNCs utilizing blockchain to be tech-ready in 2019

7 MNCs utilizing blockchain to be tech-ready in 2019

The hype around blockchain is developing as most multinational companies have experimented with the technology in some capacity. Some through proof of concept, innovation labs, industry consortiums, or sandbox projects. The efficiency of blockchain is one of the clearest and most relevant reasons why MNCs are embracing the DLT trend. Blockchain brings companies closer to a technology where their information

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How Women in Blockchain are breaking the norms!

The media always interviews women who dare to step up in the male-dominated industry for their ‘unconventional’ choices of profession. In the tech industry, one may not come across women developing solutions as often as one could come across males building empires. As much as this situation troubles me and feminists of this era, I particularly have come to the

Will Bitcoin rise again? Or has the bubble burst?

Opinion The only question cryptocurrency traders these days wonder about, is if Bitcoin will rise again? To which Bitcoin maximalists respond by stating “Yes”. Well, let’s just say it’s good to be positive but it’s even better to have an analysis backing up statements. This article is a dive into Bitcoin, how digital assets work, the bull run in 2017,

The need to regulate cryptocurrencies for financial sovereignty

The need to regulate cryptocurrencies for financial sovereignty

“Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.” – Rick Falkvinge, Founder of the Swedish Pirate Party Opinion: Centralized financial entities are prone to censorship while decentralized financial securities give users the liberty to store their finances uncensored. I’m writing this, to explain how one should be able to exercise financial sovereignty the same way one


DHFL scams 31,000 crores – a swindle blockchain could’ve prevented

According to the reports released by Cobrapost on 29th January, Dewan Housing Finance Corporation [DHFL] pulled off one of the biggest financial scams in India. The primary promoters of DHFL swindled more than 31,000 crores [INR] of public money. The fraud involved granting loans and advances to shell companies as well as indulging in illegal activities. [Shell companies are inactive

Research Bitmain's growth, current controversy and fall

Research: Bitmain’s growth, current controversy and fall

A case study on Bitmain’s growth, its IPO controversy, connections with Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hardfork and the crash of Bitcoin [BTC] prices. One of the most awaited and controversial IPOs of the crypto-space – Bitmain is on the run. The company gained popularity because of its intention to raise $3 billion as a part of an IPO in the Hong