TFB#11: Sameer Sibal on the delicate balance between regulating and supporting crypto and blockchain tech

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Sameer Sibal is a partner at Jerome Merchant and Partners, a Mumbai based law firm whose expertise extends across the range of corporate law, banking and finance, real estate and emerging technology. They are the primary legal counsel for BankChain which is a community of banks for exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions, and one of the largest blockchain projects in India.


0:35 Sameer’s background and introduction

4:17 Jerome Merchant + Partners interest in blockchain

7:00 Managing regulation for emerging technologies

12:15 The regulatory scenario for blockchain technology in

17:23 The tricky part about utility tokens

21:06 Cryptocurrency regulations in India

21:31 Bankchain and its scope in India

29:35 THe growth of AI in the legal profession

31:55 Smart contracts and legal contracts

34:28 Data security issues in emerging tech

36:11 Interesting legislative developments in India

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Sameer Sibal