TFB#16: Morgan Housel on the psychology of money, the power of writing, and the changing nature of media

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Morgan Housel is a partner at Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal. He’s also the author of a blog on where he regularly shares his thoughts on finance, money, markets, investing and everything in between. The Fund itself aims to be the first phone call among mission-oriented founders – in five areas including Cities, Money, Consumer, Kids, Health.


01:04 Content and blogging in 2019  

03:23 Morgan’s journey to being a writer and a partner at Collaborative Fund

09:02 The power of writing

10:48 Using content to build brand equity

12:40 How Morgan’s thoughts on writing have changed

16:30 Being authentic and telling a good story

18:20 How media is changing

25:11 Going down the crypto rabbit hole

29:12 Crypto through the lens of history and investment psychology

36:54 Crypto as a social experiment

42:20 “The Psychology of Money”

45:46 Applying the “Psychology of Money” to investing

48:38 The influence of Skill and luck in performance and investing

52:43 Where crypto is headed

55:51 Takeaways for a young audience

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Skills VS Behaviour

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Rahul Sanghi


Morgan Housel