TFB#17: The Hydrogen Team on building the Financial Web 3.0

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In this podcast, we talked to Mark Anstead, Harsh Rajat and Saurav Kumar from the Hydrogen Team. Mark, Harsh and Saurav are the decentralization ambassadors for the platform. The Hydrogen platform allows enterprises and developers globally to prototype, build, test, and deploy financial technology applications and products. Hydro and Atom are the key products that are launched by the platform. Atom allows users to develop digital financial applications, while Hydro allows the use of public blockchains in private financial systems. Hydrogen won the FinTech Rising Star Trophy in the India FinTech Awards 2018. The platform also has a community development programme called Hydro Community Development Program (HCDP). This allows the community to take on development tasks like SDK and code library development, bugs and software improvement etc. and they are rewarded with Hydro (HYDRO) tokens.


01:20 A brief introduction to the Hydrogen Platform

03:00 Why is it important to have a decentralized financial infrastructure?

07:47 What is the difference between the Hydrogen platform and ‘Hydro’ product?

09:42 How was blockchain the solution to the problem that Hydrogen was trying to tackle?

14:41 How does Hydrogen acts as an interface between private companies and public blockchains?

16:46 What is the roadmap of Hydrogen and its development of Dapps?

26:01 How is Hydrogen different from its competitors in terms of compliance?

30:19 How can a non-tech savvy person understand and use hydrogen?

33:29 What is Hydro token ecosystem?

38:25 How does the Hydro ecosystem tackle the issues related to governance?

42:34 What is Hydro community development program(HCDP)?

47:54 What is the scope of the financial ecosystem in the near future?

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