TFB#18: Kartik Mandaville on building a decentralized verified identity platform for professionals

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Kartik Mandaville is the founder and CEO of Springrole which is one of India’s best known companies that’s utilizing blockchain technology in a useful way. While Springrole say they are building a decentralized ‘verified professional identity’ platform for professionals, a simpler way to put it is that they are building LinkedIn but on a blockchain – and there’s a good reason why that’s the better way to do it.


0:30 Introduction to SpringRole

01:10 Motivation to get into the tech world

04:00 When he got interested in blockchain

04:40 The idea behind SpringRole

07:07 Why blockchain was the right solution

08:08 Evolution of Springrole

10:28 SpringRole as a non-fintech product on Ethereum 

12:50 The SpringRole token and user base

17:40 How stakeholders fit in?

19:21 Can SpringRole co-exist with LinkedIn

20:49 Indiastack and the Government’s role in digitization

24:13 Misinterpretation by banks and government by association with crypto

25:04 Future of SpringRole

28:10 Product-market fit

30:00 The SpringRole culture

40:40 The Superhumans’ Lunch culture

42:27 His philosophy on leadership and team building

44:25 Conclusion

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