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Firefox Quantum incorporates privacy toggle for protection against cryptojacking

As per Mozilla’s blog post, Firefox Quantum, the latest version of the open-source internet browser has reportedly incorporated privacy toggle for protection against crypto-jacking. As per news, Mozilla purportedly warned its users earlier about crypto-jacking, websites that can deploy scripts that launch a crypto miner on a user’s machine without them being aware of it. However, users can now reportedly toggle an opt-in feature that purportedly blocks potential-cryptojackers from taking advantage of spare computing power for crypto mining, reported Cointelegraph.

Monero is a modern way of exchange and this crypto currency is a convenient means of payment in the financial and web markets

Harry Halpin: Monero and Zcoin are ‘privatizing the blockchain’

The privacy-oriented coin, Monero and its fundamental features viz ring signatures, ring confidential transactions and stealth addresses have reportedly received acclaim in the past. As per new, however, Harry Halpin, CEO of Nym technologies alleged Monero and Zcash for “privatizing the blockchain” as a whole, with sensitive data easily viewable to fraudulent entities. Further to the accusation, Nym technologies have added Tor, started as a Navy research project as a solution with claims of being better than Monero and Zcash to conceal sensitive data on its platform, reported AMBCrypto.


SEC halts Argyle Coin which duped funds worth $30 million into ‘Diamond-Backed’ cryptocurrency

As per news, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] has reportedly halted the confirmed cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme Argyle Coin, after it took funds worth $30 million. As per reports, Jose Angel Aman, the principal behind Argyle Coin is subject to legal action for running a Ponzi scheme with the money gained from investors in his purportedly alleged diamond resale outfit. Moreover, the coin backed by various precious stones involved participation from 300 investors in the U.S. and Canada, while further investigations lead to allegations like selling unlicensed securities, reported Cointelegraph.


Kraken offers shares at $4 billion valuation with $6.7 million already raised

Major cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken is reportedly looking to raise at least $10 million [0.255 per cent equity] at a purported value of $4 billion. As per reports, the crypto exchange has already managed to raise about $6.7 million from 285 investors at the time of press. The exchange purportedly said that they have seven established bank and payments partners while adding, “client on-boarding infrastructure & AML/KYC policies capture significant upside from institutional adoption,” reported TrustNodes.


U.S. tax authority the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] prioritizes issuing crypto-tax guidance

As per news, on 16th May the United States authority of taxation, the IRS published a letter citing prioritization of tax guidance issuance for cryptocurrencies. The letter was in response to requests from 21 representatives in Congress including Rep. Tom Emmer, purportedly for providing clarity on taxes related to crypto holdings. As per reports, the instruction will reportedly cover issues such as acceptable methods for calculating cost basis, cost basis assignment and tax treatment of forks.


OmiseGo unveils its newest version of the OMG network Samrong

Crypto payments processor and exchange, OmiseGo has reportedly launched its second version of the OMG network called Samrong. As per the news, the launched project has purportedly undergone some significant modifications with respect to Plasma smart contracts. As per reports, the project is built on Ari’s Minimum Viable Plasma [MVP], however, runs a More Viable Plasma, which purportedly increases the functionality of the network.


White hat hackers earn $32,000 for pointing out security loopholes

As per news, white hat hackers have reportedly earned about $32,000 in bounties for pointing out security loopholes in cryptocurrency and blockchain project within the last two months. As per reports, the lump sum of over $30,000 was purportedly distributed from 28th March to 16th May by 15 firms while being documented in 30 bug reports. Moreover, EOS company Block.one and blockchain startup Aeternity have reportedly issued $10,000 individual rewards within this time span, reported Cointelegraph.


Dutch bank ABN AMRO abandons plans to launch Bitcoin [BTC] custodial wallet “Wallie”

ABN AMRO has reportedly scrapped plans to launch Bitcoin custodial wallet dubbed as “Wallie” citing risk concerns. As per the reports, Jarco de Swart, the bank’s senior press officer purportedly stated, the bank’s decision to not continue with its plans as “cryptocurrencies because of their unregulated nature are at the moment too risky assets for our clients to invest in.” As per The Next Web, the bank had reportedly polled just 500 of its customers for developing a crypto wallet and if so, how.